Today I feel like, I'm excited about, I crave:

Today I feel like, I'm excited about, I crave:


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Gabriel García Márquez, RIP

Thank God is Friday.

This photo was part of United Colors of Benetton´s campaign some years ago. The Catholict Church found it controversial since Jesus was represented by a woman, and Benetton had to fight to obtain the right to use it in their campaign. Although, I reckon they were just having fun as usual and celebrating Easter by drinking champagne.

The last supper by Da Vinci is one of my favourite pictures, but I also love the numerous re-creations that have been made. Saw some in my dashboard, so here´s my contribution to the pool.

Have a good Friday!



someone asked earlier what tattoo artists practice on before human skin.

here is a tattooed banana, one of the options.


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- Are you having meat?

- I´m no god!

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Porn for the whole family, Brian Steinhoff

Flower power


 Ren Hang


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Tulips on my window sill.



I bought some red tulips today.

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